stitching & to be stitched





I love how Two Yellow Houses is turning out. I think I’ll frame this one with a bit of fabric. I’m stitching this on 35ct lambswool using mostly the listed threads. I did switch to CC Cherry Tomato for the doors and flowers. I love that red and yellow combination.

Two new designs I feel I MUST stitch and soon. Sweetest Home from Country Cottage Needleworks and Old Nantucket from Little House. So many amazing patterns…so little time!

I am making progress organizing the sewing room. I received a shipment of samples from Moda yesterday…what to sew, what to sew???


9 thoughts on “stitching & to be stitched

  1. I have “Nantucket” on my short list also… Love the soft colors against the Cocoa linen… I completed My Dwelling Place today and plan on incorporating fabrics in its finish… Still nailing down that final finish in my head..

    Great work as always, Faye

  2. Hello Mary Katryn, This early morning at the french radio they told that the fire in the rocky mountain is terrible and they asked to some Colorado Spring people to to out the twon. I hope the fire is far from you and your relatives. What a disaster :-(( !

    • Hi Elisabeth,

      Thank you for your concern. We don’t live in a place that is being evacuated. Jerry is working in Colorado Springs right now and it is very bad, he can see the flames in the distance from his hotel but has not been told to move yet, it is very hot, windy, and smokey in this area.

  3. I love your Rocky Mountain Wednesdays. Looking at the pictures is like being on a mini vacation. I hope the fires stay far away from you and that they can get under control soon. I, too, love the LHN “Nantucket”, such beautiful colors!

  4. Your 35 count lambswool always looks such a light colour. I’ve bought a few fat quarters from different places and they always arrive and they look much darker than I like. (PS I truly hope you aren’t in the way of the dreadful fires. Let’s hope they get them under control very soon.)

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