quick visit to Colorado Springs







Like the President I paid a quick visit to Colorado Springs on Friday. I didn’t shake anybody’s hand however.

Jerry has been working in the Springs which is about a 3 hour drive from here. He got home for dinner Friday but had to turn around and go right back for the night so Ethan and I went along. He worked all night but we hung out at the hotel. We were home again by late afternoon yesterday.

This has been his view all week though mostly obscured by smoke and flames. This fire came over the ridge so fast that it was scary. It is very sad to see. I didn’t take any burned home pictures, that’s a little too private for me.

He also had a nice view of Pike’s Peak, which I always think looks better with snow on it, and the Air Force Academy. There were still lots of fire fighters on the ground and in the air and actually after dark you could still see some small flaming spots on the mountains here and there. Many of the insurance companies were working out of the hotel we were at, they were very busy. I’m glad the worst of this one seems to be over.

Hoping July is good to you!


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