I won’t point fingers or name names BUT….my thrift store china was left behind in Michigan when we moved back to Colorado. ‘Somehow’ it was left in the boys’ closet which they assured me was empty AND vacuumed….I have my doubts on that as well. I was very grumpy about this!

Anyhow…my sister-in-law carefully packed each piece and shipped a nice big box out to me last week. I’m so happy to see it all in my kitchen. I did manage to bring a few dessert bowls and a teacup in another box of miscellaneous items but the rest of it wasn’t with me here. This pattern is called Eggshell Georgian Blue Chateau (I’ve seen any number of these words combined when naming this china) and was made by Homer Laughlin, the same company that makes my Fiesta dishes. This set was manufactured in the 1950s, it is discontinued. This was one of my favorite thrift shop finds as you can imagine, I paid less than $20 (ignore the price tag in the photos, it was half off tan tags at the SA that day) for the bulk of what I have tho I have added a few pieces through eBay.

Another happy reunion is my little doll and her bonnet. My good friend Vicki made this sweet doll for me at least twenty years ago. For the past 10 plus years I wasn’t sure if I had both the doll and the bonnet, I would find one and not be able to find the other and not be sure if I had kept the missing item….I’m happy to say I did hang on to both and love having my little doll on display again.

To celebrate let’s have some tea and super yummy biscuits, and I do mean super – recipe here!

8 thoughts on “reunited!

  1. The china set is absolutely beautiful. I can understand why you are so happy to have it back home with you. I can just picture having a cuppa and a biscuit.

  2. I love your china set. I have four of the same dishes and would love to have a complete set. Just so pretty!!!

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