the Great Granny along


gga fabby





Even though this will create a huge mess (it’s already started) in my sewing room which I’m still in the process of organizing…I couldn’t resist getting involved in the Great Granny along. I’ve had this roll of yummy colors for a long while now, it was exciting to pull off that ribbon and start something.

After sewing up my first square I had to change my plan. I was using the darkest fabric for the center square as well and it just didn’t work. I carefully pulled out the center of my finished block and stuck in a print. I think this is my new plan. You can see the fabric I’ve rounded up for the others (9 in all) I’m not in love with the orange dot and still looking for something in my stash I like better.

Now on to the snack…cream cheese, imitation crab meat, salsa, warm in microwave, stir….trust me! (you made need to break up the meat a bit depending on the style you buy)


PS – A VERY BIG thank you for all the lovely comments about the Reading with Jane pillow!

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