a very different post than I planned




The view this morning from the breakfast balcony. I didn’t imagine as late as 10:00 last night that I’d be waking up in Colorado Springs today. Here is my facebook update as an explanation-

Due to mechanical difficulties I had to hop in the car at 10:30 last night for a 2.5 hour drive to Colorado Springs where I became horribly lost at 1am. Two very nice CS policemen came to my rescue and drove across town to my destination so that I could follow them there – so thankful!

I’ll be here a few days. Everyone is fine, it’s just highly inconvenient but lovely all the same. We enjoyed breakfast buffet on the balcony at the hotel Jerry is staying at for work and it is always good to have more time with him.

I had planned to post about an upcoming webshop event. Impie, Hattie & Bea items will be on sale as well as several great one of a kind Summer Clearance items. I’m also needing to find homes for some of my finished stitched items so I’ll be listing lots of pillows, stockings and other finished pieces. I need to earn my keep and this unexpected mishap will be punching a big hole in the budget.

Watch this space!


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