a bowl of cherries




Life has certainly not been that lately but these are yummy!

We are in a pickle here and to help out I’m having a little fundraising event at my webshop. I will be listing as many stitched things I can bear to part with there and I am not going gentle on myself! There just isn’t any help for it at this time so here I go. I also have some very nice Moda precuts and bundles to list. If something here catches your eye and you’d like to contact me directly before I put it on the webshop please feel free. Items will mostly be in the range of $15 – $35. There are a few exceptions. I do have several other things that aren’t pictured yet so keep an eye out at the Webshop Boutique. Any early Christmas shoppers out there or do you need a handmade birthday gift quick? I’m also having a sale on Impie, Hattie & Bea items that will start later today.

I don’t want you to feel bad for me – please, I’m thankful I have some resources that enable me to contribute and it’s not all on Jerry’s shoulders even it is just a little help.


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