small comforts




It has been a very difficult few days. Difficult to focus, to relax, to understand. I’m thankful for the small comforts in my life, little things that say ‘home’ and ‘safe’ and make a little bit of sense. We live 40 miles from Aurora. I can’t imagine what the survivors and grieving families are going through. It is too close to home in many ways.

I haven’t wanted to blog, or take pictures, or stitch, or cook, or … but it’s time to do those things that make life normal and special and make our home a place of comfort. I’m still sorting out things and listing them at the Boutique and Clearance pages to offset our own little emergency here. It is helping me get my priorities in line. I’m making treats for my family and enjoying simple things like a sunshine-warmed tomato right off the vine. I’m glad I can come here to share a thought or two as well.


3 thoughts on “small comforts

  1. such a tragic event, the shock and sadness are felt here too, though we are thousands of miles away. Makes me realise that we must be truly grateful for what we have when it can all be taken away so suddenly.

  2. I was worried about you all as I felt you lived close to Aurora. This was so horrible. It is something that we can not understand. But, we can not live our lives in fear. We must continue to have hope and love. Hugs from East Tennessee.

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