oh so glamorous





We have two vehicles back on the road! To work this out meant another overnight trip to Colorado Springs. While Jerry was off at work for the night and Ethan slept in the recliner in the hotel room where Jerry is staying for work, I sat on the bed and knitted the night away finishing the second footie to complete a pair of these! Yeah, my life is pretty exciting.

This is just inexpensive yarn from Hobby Lobby, *Red Heart, Heart & Sole* which I’ve had for a while. 1 skein makes 1 pair with a bit of yarn left over. I really like the fun colors, actually I loved how the colors of the yarn, needles, my purse, and my toe nails all looked together, even with a bright flash from my camera. I tried really hard not to have any cat hair on these when I took pictures at home today…someone really needs to sweep!

I will continue to list things in the Boutique and on the Summer Clearance page at the webshop. Thanks so much for all the shopping that is going on there, it really has helped out!

Hope to share some stitching soon, I’m finishing up an exchange piece so that is under wraps for now.

Have a lovely weekend!


PS – I did omit the pom pom.

3 thoughts on “oh so glamorous

  1. I bought that same yarn several years ago and made a pair of socks out of the for my daughter. They held up really well! Love your summer tootsies!

  2. Do you plan on watching the Olympics and crafting over the weekend? I have one cross stitch project that I started awhile ago, and hope to finish it by time the Olympics are over.

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