coming this week!



It’s time for the county fair! The fair starts Wednesday but they were setting up the midway along side the farmer’s market today. A few cucumbers and squash are all that came home with me, Amber bought some pasta and enjoyed a brat with peppers of which I had a bite – delish! I love to see this vendor’s flowers, always a highlight of the market for me.

I’ve been looking at the fair schedule wondering if we should catch the Goat Show or the Hand-spun Yarn judging. Choices, choices! Ethan loves to visit the animals so we’ll be there are few times just to soak in all the beauty, pigs are his favorite. Personally I don’t want to miss the ‘Pet a Bunny’ event.


A new favorite of mine…yes I’m hooked on Doctor Who. Yea Netflix!! Found out Amber has just become hooked as well. She’s a few episodes ahead of me so she is the all-knowing one on that subject. Although neither of us have seen it yet, we both are a little nervous about the ‘Blink’ episode. The one with the gas mask monsters about did for me!


PS – I started with the 9th Doctor (2005)

5 thoughts on “coming this week!

  1. Are you watching the newer version of Dr. Who or the older version? I have been thinking about starting to watch them, but wasn’t sure which version I should start with or if it even really matters.

  2. You’re the second person, (and Amber makes the third) that said they really enjoy Dr. Who. I’m always looking for a good Netflix series to get hooked onto. I look forward to whatever current one I have going to stitch or knit with at night. I’ll check this one out!

  3. “Blink” is a fabulous episode! I will admit that for a day or two after watching it, seeing a statue freaked me out a little.

  4. The new Doctor Who series are brilliant. And you will love Blink! It is one of the scariest and best Doctor Who episodes ever – even if the Doctor only appears a few times. I truly envy you watching it for the first time. I watch it every time it’s repeated in the UK.

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