When I found this sewing box for a dollar at a thrift shop last summer it was in such very nice shape that I couldn’t pass it up, besides I had this finish in mind. I had stitched Little House’s City Stitcher, Country Stitcher ages ago and hoped to someday finish it this way, it finally all came together.

This basket had some really unattractive fabric on top which I removed as best I could without taking the lid apart, I might have left it in place but it showed through the linen too much even if I covered it with interfacing. I cut my stitched piece to size and tacked it in place with some Heat and Bond. I stuck it on upside down on my first try. Once I got that fixed I used a little glued on trim to hide the edges and my new little stitching box was good to go. I’m pretty happy with it!


11 thoughts on “upcycled

  1. You did a beautiful finish on that! I have a wooden box I got from the thrift store and plan to finish it the same way. You took what was in my head and did it; now I don’t have to think so hard when I go to do mine!

  2. Very nicely ‘upcycled’! I did my first box lid a while ago–have to take a photo and put it on my blog tonight. It isn’t bad, considering it is my first attempt! Hugs!

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