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I’ve been working on a few projects using up crafting supplies I have on hand. I started to knit myself a market bag. I knitted a bag for Amber last summer (the peach one) and always intended to make one for myself. I started out using the natural yarn but decided the bottom would get grubby looking fast in that color. I remembered I had a partial skein of wood violet, so I started over and made a purple bottom for my bag which is coming along nicely. This is the pattern, and this is the yarn (I love this yarn) I’m using.

I’m making a bit of progress on the Great Granny Along as well. Only 2 more blocks to go. I do have some stitching in the works as well but it’s super secret stitching so no pictures.

This is the sunset I stopped to watch on the way home from the grocery store Friday night – it was lovely!


2 thoughts on “other projects

  1. Hello to you! I found you on Pinterest (I saw your beautiful lacy edging which I would love to try) but have to say that after looking at all your exquisite creations, your kitties had me from the first photo. adorable! would you be able to tell me if I can get the pattern for the edging from you. I am new to finding my way around blogspots so hope this gets to you.
    Maria Smith
    Mossel Bay
    South Africa

    • Hello Maria,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m not sure which lacy edging you are referring to, if you have a link you could send me of the image I might be able to be more helpful. The lacy crochet pillowcase edging I have pinned at pinterest was a tutorial at someone else’s blog, but I’m not sure that is the one you are looking for, please me know and thanks again!


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