odds and ends





buffalo chicken dip

Still a long way from having this house just as I want it. I’ve been taking large boxes of ‘stuff’ to Goodwill but there’s still too much here. These things are keepers but there is more to sort. Some boxes are lovely to open and sort through (like this one), others….well just imagine Jerry and the boys flinging things in a box to get the packing done. I was nearly hospitalized for asthma when we were moving and it got pretty crazy on the last few days of packing. Those boxes aren’t so fun.

We tried a new recipe Sunday night. VERY flavorful but a bit greasy. Yummy on club crackers!



PS – some boxes come with a little something extra!

3 thoughts on “odds and ends

  1. When we moved from our former house to our current house, I took just what I wanted and left the rest. I loved the more minimal feel — I didn’t have too much to care for or find a place for. We eventually had to find a home for the rest of our things so we could see the house and, unfortunately, too much of it came here and I am feeling the need to declutter again. The biggest culprits are books, mags, and craft supplies but those seem to be the hardest things to get rid of!

  2. That last photo is super! We are trying to declutter here too. But I must say one of my new acquisitions – your ‘Hope is the thing with feathers’ cushion – has brought me so much happiness. It is simply lovely. Thank you.

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