my rose garden






A little finish. This design used 2.5 skeins of wool using 1 strand on 32 count linen. I love this little cushion. I filled it with walnut litter and gave it a little ribbon tab. The wool is wonderful to stitch with and I love the coverage and texture. I used my initials which required a bit of editing on the lower rose to fit the big fat ‘M’ and I used the year Jerry and I were married for the date on this.

Sadly this linen is discontinued. I do have enough to create two kits for this project, one with the pretty backing fabric. I’ll also be adding a wool/design set to the webshop.

Impie, Hattie and Bea are very busy in the workroom so be on the lookout for something new!


7 thoughts on “my rose garden

  1. My maternal grandmother’s name was Rose and everytime I see a rose themed piece, it makes me think of her. I think it’s just beautiful!!! Love the fabric.

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