my hideout


At some point each day I head to my hideout, sometimes I don’t make it there til bedtime but usually I find a short time to escape here.  This is the fancy bed covering set I splurged on back when Traveling Stitcher premiered at Market.  It was the first time we ever owned matched bedding.  It’s getting a bit shabby but I still like it.  I like to sit on the bed and knit or stitch sometimes.


There is also a small and very decrepit sofa in my room, it happens to be very comfy to sit on which is the only thing that has saved it from being tossed.  Jerry doesn’t appreciate moving this since you have to remove the legs to get in through doorways.  You can see my current knitting project which is going quite well.  This is the yarn and this is the pattern.


My view when knitting on the bed, the sidewalk can be  interesting depending on who is walking a dog or riding by on a bike, we also have lots of birds.


My view when knitting on the couch.

I loooovve to peek into other people’s houses.  When we drive by houses in the evening and the lights are on I always check out their wall decor or kitchen cabinets, whatever I can see.  I’m not interested in spying on the people who are visible, just their rooms.  So here is a scene to spy out at my house.

Anyone want to share a peek into their hideout?  Share a link in the comments section!


PS- Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  I do appreciate all the super nice comment on my big mess.  I have decided that I do like it very much!

6 thoughts on “my hideout

  1. Hi Mary Kathryn,

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to find out another stitcher likes to stitch while sitting on their bed and your afghans and current project are very pretty too! Your blog is one of my most favorite to visit – it’s a very calming and soothing mini-retreat to escape to for a few moments every time you post –

    Thank you for sharing!


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