off to Norway!




Not I but this little Summer offering I made for Anna. Actually I know it has safely arrived. Anna and I have exchanged Prairie Schooler things in the past, she’s a wonderful finisher, I was thrilled to be her partner and even more so when her lovely ornament arrived here. I’m happy to report that Anna liked this little Summer pillow.

A yummy leftover dish I created last night. I had three Buffalo chicken breasts left over from a few nights ago so I made a bleu cheese cream sauce (with my favorite Maytag bleu) and added shredded chicken. Stirred in some garden pasta, garnished with a bit more cheese..Buffalo Bleu Mac n Cheese. yum! I’ll add an official recipe as soon as I write one up, I have lots of paperwork to get through today.

It’s Friday!!!


PS – don’t forget about the 10% off Moda Marmalade at the webshop!  Quantities Limited – Very!

wsb 001

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