a busy weekend








Friday night we headed up to Fort Collins with Amber, she let me browse through her JA knitting magazine on the drive. Lovely projects. We met her boyfriend at The Cupboard where I got to pick out a mixer, my first Kitchen Aid! I used Amber’s for a while and my sister-in-law’s in Michigan but I’ve wanted my own for ages. Thanks to an unexpected bonus Jerry received, I now have my own!  Isn’t it pretty?  It was sort of hard to choose a color. I told Jerry that under no circumstances was I allowed to choose purple – just in case I panicked.  In the end the final choice came down to Apple Green (Evan’s vote) and Majestic Yellow, which you can see was my choice in the end.

I love seeing it in my kitchen, I still can’t believe I have my own big girl mixer! Haven’t used it yet…also I’m really excited that it matches the little touch of yellow in this favorite photo of mine, I bought it from a college girl who was trying to earn some money by selling photos of her trip to Ireland.  It’s a wonderful picture and I had it on the wall in my kitchen next door too.

Other things from the weekend….Jerry, Ethan, and I took a drive up to the Alpine Visitor’s Center on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday morning. It could really close for the season due to snow anytime now. We stopped in the gift shop for some chocolate, here’s the view from the window inside.

Church last night, Tyler and Ethan heading in the door.

And the only personal crafting I’ve done lately is a bit of knitting in the mom taxi. My scarf is coming along nicely, not sure I will use all this yarn up, it’s getting quite long already. This is the yarn (Impressionist) and this is the pattern.

The boys have a full day of football viewing planned today. I’m about to cook up 2 pounds of bacon for lunch sandwiches and think of something to mix up and bake. I also need to get back to the sewing room.

Have a great week!


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