more scenes from the sewing room






I’ve been pretty busy with fabric and buttons, lots and lots of buttons. I used 90 buttons today. Tracking down buttons has become a family past-time, we are all on a button quest. I love using this little divided dish I picked up at the dollar bin in Target to sort my buttons, it’s cute, it’s festive, it’s handy.

I’ve been getting another shipment of Impie, Hattie & Bea things off to Hoffmans. You can see the fabric for the second edition of the Pumpkin 4 Sale workbooks here. I’ve had another bale of batting delivered, here it sits in my living room, I’ll haul it up to the sewing room when I finish posting here, I’ve used one like this up since August 21st!

I do love this little dish!


PS – a few orders have been delayed due to a wait for ‘Bean Sprout’ threads. I do believe they are back in stock!

3 thoughts on “more scenes from the sewing room

  1. I love that tray too! We are having a Super Target open in my neighborhood ( a minute away!) on October 14th! Sure hope they have some great finds!! Looking forward to seeing your next project. Looks lovely so far!

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