week ending





It has been a busy one. I’ve sent large boxes of good things to Hoffman’s. They are now offering the Traveling Stitcher sets and the 2nd version of the Pumpkins 4 Sale Workbooks, let your local shop know if you are looking for these, I have them (I still have a few of the 1st version Pumpkins 4 Sale Workbooks) at the webshop as well.

The new Ornament Issue from JCS is so full of great projects I can hardly pick one. This is my favorite two page spread. I also have these at the webshop, there are two listings depending on where you are shopping from (in or outside the USA) be sure to check which you are choosing.

This is the first day I don’t have a two foot pile of things waiting to be sewn in about 3 weeks, not sure what to do with myself. I know what I should be doing as the housework has suffered a bit but I really just want to watch a good mystery DVD and stitch.


A little Colorado Autumn color for you, I took this photo at lunch time on Thursday.


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