A few red themed things from my weekend. I stitched up this pretty little sampler from Stacy Nash Primitives. For this I used 1 strand of Tulip Belle Soie Silk (Crescent Colours) over 2 threads of 35 count lambswool linen. I’m thinking of finishing this as a pincushion with the Merlot Weeks wool on the back. It was a very quick stitch.

I also made some jam this weekend. A batch of raspberry and a batch of peach raspberry, both are quite yummy. I’m thinking of doing a batch of peach if I can find the right peaches. I used my mixer to whip up a red velvet cake and butter cream frosting for football snacking yesterday. This is just a box mix (Duncan Hines) the tastes is rather neutral but it’s nice with the frosting which is vanilla flavored. I use Wilton’s Butter Cream recipe.

I have a couple of red meat recipes I’ll be blogging this week, both are Autumn staples here.

Hope your week is starting out well!


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