I never get tired….








of the beauties of Autumn! I get plenty tired in other respects of course.

We had a super chilled blast of weather come through here last evening and today the skies look wintry. I love being inside and cozy on a day like today and somehow it makes the trees more beautiful. I’m sharing my colorful views from the living room and dining room just now.

I’m busy in the workroom today. The latest product heading to Hoffman’s is the Hanging Sampler Pillow for Little Houses’s Liberty Belles. I’m also trying to move things around so that I can better use the closet in that room for storage and have my personal crafting supplies more organized. I spent yesterday stitching up a new model for Impie, Hattie & Bea, a clue…it’s pink! Watch for news next week.

I’ve done some knitting, mostly in the mom taxi while waiting at appointments and practices. I’ve learned a new technique for stitching small circular items on 2 circular needles. This is my first side of this project, and I’ve fiddled with some different stitches and combined them to come up with my own scarf pattern which is coming along nicely, I’ll share the pattern soon.

Back to the sewing room, Jane has made herself comfy on a heap of things that need to be put in bins and stacked in the closet, she will be miffed.


2 thoughts on “I never get tired….

  1. You might want to look up the Doily Style Dishcloth on Ravelry-made the same way. I’ve made a few and they look great when done!

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