nearly done!


chroma orchard





I am so close to being finished with our Family Sampler from Little House Needleworks. I have misplaced the threads I was using (another moving mishap) I think I have narrowed down where they may be, it’s just finding time to look and then finding time to stitch. I’d love to have this on the wall by Christmas. I have finished up my Entralac Scarf but it needs blocking. I want to stitch another…maybe in this yarn (Orchard) and I am nearly done with this pretty wool scarf, you can find the pattern here, this has been a really quick knit and will be very cozy when it’s cold.

I did bake some cookies on Saturday which was very chilly, wet, and grey, I even think you can see the chill in my cookie picture… These are yummy with coffee or tea, actually I think I’ll make another batch since I only made a half batch the first time and it’s nice and sunny today…I think that’s a good reason for cookies.

I hope Ophelia is nearly done with her nap. She snores and I think she might be sucking her paw…..

I hope Monday is kind to you!


4 thoughts on “nearly done!

  1. The cookies look yummie where is the recipe from? Your LHN family sampler is looking good! When are you going to post the impie hattie and bea, I am hoping it is soon or I will have to wait to see it when I return from Jamicia!

  2. While your stitching is beautiful, it is your knitting that is really catching my eye today! And I love that photo of Ophelia – she is just too cute. Hope you enjoy your cookies – they look delicious.


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