Hoop Keep from Impie, Hattie & Bea





New!! Designed to work with some of my favorite sweet designs. I have long loved the idea of thread packs – so handy and these are such pretty ones. This will work with several Country Cottage Sweet Treats and Cottage Garden Packs. There are even some Little House packs that are on the pink side, I’m getting ready to stitch up ‘Faith’ which also goes beautifully with this product.

The Hoop Keep is designed to hold a 6 inch hoop and includes a ring for attaching thread bags or bobbins. I’ve embellished mine a bit with a set of JABCO Just Pins for this photo. The Hoop Keep includes the metal ring but not the other accessories. It will be available through Hoffman Distributing Company next week for shops to order. This will be available through the webshop next week, feel free to email me for more info or to reserve one to ship later next week.

There will be other fabric combinations for this item shortly. I hope you like it!

Happy Stitching


9 thoughts on “Hoop Keep from Impie, Hattie & Bea

  1. So pretty. You’re right; it will go with lots of patterns from LHN and CCN. Keep up the ideas for premade items so we can have lots of different finishing ideas.

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