a big finish



day 5 a




I have finally, after 2+ years, finished up our Family Sampler. I do need to keep in mind that this was in Colorado for a whole year while I was in Michigan…Of course this wonderful sampler is by Little House Needleworks. I stitched mine on 40ct lambswool over 2 using 1 strand of floss.

I do have a frame that fits, but you can see it is completely the wrong color. I may try spray painting it or look for a different frame. I’m undecided at the moment. Some of the little personal touches I included are…I embellished the ‘P’ a bit using some of the motifs in the design, I thought my P looked a little boring. Of course we have the whole family including the cats here. I used the little baskets next to our last name, the design comes with pages of extras that you can use for personalizing. I included two favorite Bible verses and I stitched the alphabet at the bottom all in one color rather than several as the design calls for. I liked the red. You can see some other finished samplers here. I will send mine over to be added (hopefully) once I get it framed. I am very happy to have this finished and don’t plan to wait too long to make a decision about the frame.

I’ve updated the website with the new Hoop Keeps! Just a reminder that we are in the process of switching everything over to a new server, if you have any difficulties please let me know, if the site doesn’t seem to be working just wait a few minutes and try again, I’m sorry if you have trouble, but it shouldn’t last long. I’ll keep you updated here about website changes.


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