morning coffee






This post really isn’t about morning coffee other than it is so nice and warm here that I had mine on the back porch today while I admired my pumpkin and the neighbor’s Aspen tree. It was a strange weekend, Jerry got home very late Saturday night from Wyoming and was headed out again early Monday morning for another week. We squeezed a lot into Sunday and then Monday felt all wrong. Ethan made the most of that and wore me to a frazzle!

Today things seem back on track. I have a whole lot of sewing on my to do list and I’ve taken over the dining room table. You can see some of my new kitchen towels. After nearly 28 years married you need some new towels sometimes. I bought a roll of this pretty Buffalo Check, I think I can make 21 towels from the roll, so far I’ve only made 5. It arrived on a lovely Autumn day but as you can see in this last photo, I finished them up on a day that looked much more like Winter – last Friday.

Praying for everyone in the path of the horrible storm out East, be safe!


PS – thank you so much for all the lovely comments about my Family Sampler!!

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