knitting and housework







That’s my plan for the day. In reverse order of course, I would NEVER do my knitting before my housework….that is when I’m being exceptionally good, which happens on a rare occasion, now and then…sometimes.

I’ve finished up this super warm scarf. It’s really long and can wrap around the neck nicely and still be as long as my coat. It more than a foot taller than I am so about 75 inches at a guess. I list the yarn and the pattern in this blog post.

Today’s housework includes dusting, vacuuming the cat hair covered steps, and cleaning the bathrooms. I’ll spare you any bathroom pictures. Thankfully I only have to clean the master bath, the boys take turns cleaning the other two.

When I’m all done I think I’ll bake a cake (to justify eating the leftover icing) and get back to my knitting. I’m using Cascade Alpaca Lace yarn in Ecru to make this cowl.

Jerry comes home tonight – yay!


PS – the Austen cross stitch is by The Sampler Girl and the other is a pattern from Blackbird Designs.

2 thoughts on “knitting and housework

  1. Beautiful and delicate your scarves. I baked oatmeal cookies today, cleaned and stitched…it’s my birthday so I figure dinner out or ordered in so I can stitch a wee bit more. 🙂

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