squirrels and birds








I’ve put some peanuts out on the back deck for the Jays. We get Blue Jays and Pinyon Jays here. I’ve seen both enjoying a snack from this dish. I’ve also seen this squirrel very busily trying to empty this dish and hide all the peanuts under the hedge in the backyard. The girls (my cats) are entertained by both kinds of visitors.

It’s supposed to be another beautiful week of warm Autumn weather here, I wonder if the leaves will ever fall off this Aspen tree?

5 thoughts on “squirrels and birds

  1. My husband and I are just back from Denver seeing our daughter, sil and grandsons.
    They have been adopted by ‘Jumpy’ as grandson #1 calls him and Jumpy has systemically eaten into the pumpkin they intended to be carved for Halloween.His latest trick to remove the lid to their garbage container and eat into garbage wrapped and secured with tape.
    He forgot to close the garbage container though. 🙂
    And he is big, much bigger than our resident TX squirrels and a bit bigger than yours.Are all CO squirrels that big???
    Interesting to see snow already in the foothills of the mountains.

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