Coming Next Week!





The Little House Red version of the Hoop Keep will be available next week! Here is a sneak peek at the elements used for this handy product from Impie, Hattie & Bea. It works with various thread packs by Little House Needleworks, I’ve got lots of stitching in the works to show you a few of my favorites! The Country Cottage Pink version is available now.

This week has been exceptionally busy and it’s only Tuesday. I have about 50 things to accomplish and need to be at about 40 different places at the same time. Last night it was freezer pizzas for a very late dinner following a hectic schedule in the mom taxi, I have more on my schedule this afternoon and evening and a growing list of errands that I must accomplish before 5. It will probably be drive-through dinner tonight, I’m not sure which I mind more – fast food or freezer food, it bothers me to resort to either but sometimes there’s no help for it.

In the few minutes before I drop off to sleep I’ve knitted a few rows and read a few pages…I hope I have the energy to get to next week!! Watch for more pictures of the Little House Red Hoop Keep later this week!


PS – Website Update*** We may be offline for a day or two at the end of the week but will be back with a whole new look! I’ll keep you updated here at the blog and via twitter and facebook.

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