Rocky Mountain Wednesdays








A Prairie Dog Hello!!

I ended up paying a visit to IKEA in Denver yesterday. Ethan feels no visit there is complete without a meal in the cafeteria, while he enjoyed mac-n-cheese and mushy veggies, I had a cup of coffee. We watched the Light Rail go to and fro. Actually I watched the Light Rail and Ethan watched Land Before Time #298 or what ever episode number they are up to these days. I remember Amber watching the first one as a pre-schooler. I shopped for exciting things like throw rugs and coat hangers. I did get a few things for Christmas!

Some pictures closer to home. Tyler works at IBM which is the huge complex of buildings in picture #5, the peak in that picture is Longs Peak which you may remember from some camping pictures I took around Labor Day. Not much in the way of snow around here and not much expected any time soon. It will be warmish (55-60 range) right through Thanksgiving the weatherman says.

Hope the rest of your week is lots of fun!


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