Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving turkey



Happy Thanksgiving!!

Amber is preparing our meal today, Jerry is taking care of frying the Turkey (he’s out getting more oil at the moment) so I will serve as food photographer. I’m hoping Amber brings her fancy camera and lets me touch it!

We’ll start the morning out with these yummy Soft Almond Sugar Cookies I’m having with a cup of (reheated) McDonald’s coffee from yesterday (yes, we’re pretty fancy here)…I made these 2 days ago and they are still nice and soft and delicious!

More later….




A few things I did get to do, grate cheese for Amber’s gourmet mac n cheese (this is the recipe she says she just uses whatever cheese sounds good), In the big bowl we have Swiss, Cheddar, and Asiago, and in the small bowl is 4oz of Parmesan. I also ‘made’ the biscuits. A big cheat here, these are Pillsbury frozen biscuits, don’t tell anyone! I have to say that these are so yummy and so not a giant cloud of flour all over my kitchen like when I make my own! WORTH IT!

I also scrounged around and found a few things to decorate the table…still 3 hours til meal time!

More later…..





Progress! Amber is hard at work, she let me use her camera to take a picture of her starting the dressing. She is giving me camera instructions as she cooks.

The turkey is underway, Jerry (the birthday boy) and Amber have everything carefully timed and now it’s time for me to peel the potatoes.

More later…..




A few dishes coming together, and in process. This is something called Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake and it’s yumptious. Amber baked this at home last night. Also the dressing/stuffing. We call it stuffing but we never stuff it in anything, it’s more like fried bread really. Ingredients: bread, onion, chicken broth and poultry seasing all cooked up in lots of butter – yum. I did get to help again by peeling and slicing potatoes, these will be mashed in a bit.

More later….





I’m pleasantly full and sleepy. We had a delicious and fun meal together. The turkey was beautiful, these pictures aren’t great but it looked and tasted wonderful. The whole meal was amazing, Amber did a wonderful job. We even tried something new, Scotch Eggs, you can see them on the blue platter…interesting.

Hope you had a wonderful day, thanks for visiting me here. I’m so thankful for family and friends, both near and far.


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