black and blue



Ethan’s poor little hand, actually looking much better today




Yesterday was difficult, today is shaping up that way. Ethan decided to come down with a nasty virus and injure himself at about the same moment. I’ve been up with him 2 nights controlling a high fever and trying to keep his hand on ice duing the day. Today he is about as grumpy as a bear and bossy to everyone – there will be a nap and soon! Jerry and Kellen now both show signs of catching the same bug. Needless to say I’m not getting much done or much sleep.

Before all this I did get some knitting, stitching, and bird watching done. I also enjoyed a really yummy sandwich and after looking at this picture again, I may just take myself out for another one during someone’s nap time. Tyler works from home several days a week and since he is home today he can hold down the fort I think!


PS – cross stitch design is Quaker Sampling III from With My Needle, The scarf pattern can be found here (using Mini Mochi Yarn in the color Rainbow Trout)

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