Christmas Angel






I am hoping to have this pretty little project done in time for Christmas. I spent some of the long nights I was up with Ethan this past week making good progress. Ethan is doing much better but has a nasty cough. He and I stayed home from church tonight, we don’t need to catch a new bug, or share the one he has. Thank you so much your good thought and prayers. They are much appreciated, it has been a long week.

I really like this design, it uses all hand-dyed threads. The only drawback to that is that several of the threads are used for only 2 or three stitches, so I’ve made up a few kits with thread packs keeping this in mind. you can find the details here.

The angel reminded me a bit of our tree angel. I made her at least 22 years ago. She looks pretty good after she’s been out of the box for a few days. When I first pull her out each year I think, that’s it, she’s not springing back, but she does. You can’t see her wings but they are made from a old lace doily. I’ll try to take a picture in daylight of her, today just got away from me. I’m also trying to get a couple knitted Christmas gifts down and have lots of Impie, Hattie & Bea sewing to do. Look for something new next week!

I’ll sign off now and share a few more pictures of our tree.

It’s starting to feel like Christmas, it might even snow tonight!


11 thoughts on “Christmas Angel

  1. I remember making one of those angels long ago too. I really like your Heaven and Nature sing. What fabric are you using. I like the softier color.

  2. Love your new project. Beautiful colors. I sent you an email a while ago and got no reply. Was wondering if you had the PS Boo card???? Can’t wait to see your new Impie, Hattie and Bea project idea. Hope Ethan is better soon. pj

  3. Your tree looks wonderful! I love the start on the angel project. Each time I see it, I think it’s a “must have”. Would look great finished up as a sweet pillow. Glad to hear that Ethan is on the mend!

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