back for a limited time..







Do you remember the Winter Thread Pal from Impie, Hattie & Bea way back in 2009? I used up lots of nice snowflake fabric on those and like all really nice fabric, it became unavailable eventually and I ran out. Since then I’ve been looking for another nice fabric, you know pretty snowflakes, not cheesy ones.

Well I did find what I was looking for but there were two problems. 1.there was only one bolt left in the warehouse and 2, it just wasn’t quite the right color. I showed this fabric to Diane at Little House who really liked it too and asked if there was some way we could make it work. The solution…Old Money!!! Not money like money but the thread from Crescent Colours called Old Money. It is a perfect match for this pretty snowflake fabric. So I restitched the part of the design that used to be Blue Moon and really loved the result and while that solved problem #2, there is still only a limited number of these available due to the fabric being sold out.

These Winter Thread Pal II from Impie, Hattie & Bea (a very limited number) should be available at Hoffman’s at the end of the week and I will have about a dozen to sell at the webshop – and that is it! Please email me if you would like to reserve one, I’ll update the webshop with any available ones at the end of the week.

I’ve been sewing for many, many hours the past few days trying to catch up from last week, I’m in pretty good shape to be caught up by tomorrow barring anything unforeseen…I’ve probably just guarantied something ‘unforeseen’ now that I’ve said that!


PS – I’m very happy to report that Ethan continues to improve, he still has a little way to go before he’s back to his old self but he’s getting there.

6 thoughts on “back for a limited time..

  1. I would dearly love to have your reserve one of the Winter Thread Pals for me. I’m just not sure how to email you? I’m hoping that if I post it here you might see it.

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