Colonial Welcome!






I’m pleased to report a stitching finish. I even have it hanging on the wall but that may be temporary. It’s a bit crooked in the frame and I think the frame needs a shine on the finish but here it is on my wall for now. I made a few design additions to make it rectangular for the space I wanted to fill. It’s such a sweet pattern, I love the colors and the pineapples are wonderful.

I love the color of this house so much that I’m having a web special…I actually have so much GAST Chamomile in stock that I’m happy to include it free with the purchase of this pattern (Colonial Welcome from Little House Needleworks) while my excessive supply lasts…and it really is a great color. Here is a link to the webpage.

Enjoying some lovely Spring like weather lately and it looks like more of the same for the next 10 days, rain or even snow would be quite welcome or we will have serious water shortages this summer. I know many in the Eastern US are freezing today, hoping everyone is able to keep warm and stay at home if possible.

Oh yes, Jane says hello!


PS – the new Impie, Hattie & Bea product will be added to the webshop Thursday night, please feel free to email your reservation in the meantime. Other designs pictured here – Nature’s Beauty, Mr. Darcy, Flowers for You.

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