short weekend…








I’m telling myself it was a really short weekend. It really did seem to fly by. I had vowed to get the Christmas decorations put away, I didn’t. They are staring me in the face as I take a moment to write this post. I keep saying as soon as I finish……’fill in the blank’ I will get those put away, I just never seem to get everything finished.

A few things from this past week, I moved a couch into my sewing room, it’s Amber’s old couch, she just got a new one at Ikea, it’s purple. This little red couch works nicely for Jerry hanging out in the evening while I sew, and Ethan doing school work while I sew, and Jane just looking pretty while I sew. Can you guess what I never seem to be finished with? During the short breaks I took from sewing I added a few rows to some of my knitting projects, I think I must finish one of these before I start anything else!

I also enjoyed some gumdrops this weekend, I’ve been craving them since Friday and finally found some at the store on Sunday. Also on Sunday we took a short mountain drive and got our 2013 Rocky Pass. That was a nice break from sewing. I started sewing at 5:30 am today, I did have a camera break at sunrise to take a few pictures to share.

Hope you have a wonderful week, I will be in the sewing room – so glad I can’t see the Christmas decorations from there!


5 thoughts on “short weekend…

  1. I love the gumdrops displayed in that glass jar! So festive looking. I also buy them…..just for me! Love them.
    That kitty of yours is one beautiful cat! WOW!

  2. Glad I’m not the only one with the Christmas stuff still hanging out. The gumdrops remind me of my grandmother and she lived very close to where you are. I might need some of those.

  3. The couch is a good idea for your sewing room. So nice to have some company while you work. The gumdrops are such pretty colors in the glass jar. I haven’t thought of gumdrops in a long time.

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