Rocky Mountain Wednesdays






We had a little real Winter weather here this week. Just a flash in the pan as it is supposed to be mid 50s tomorrow and warming up into the 60s over the weekend. They even say possibly 70 next week. I love snow, rain, and sunny days so no real complaints about the weather from me except that we need precipitation – badly.

Hoping your weather is just how you like it wherever you may be!


3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Loving the pictures. Makes me happy to see them as I was raised in this type of weather, (in a state north of you) but now live in a very southern/eastern area.

  2. Would that be a photo of Hallet’s Peak from the Bear Lake Parking Lot perhaps? It’s been so long, but my memory is either really good, or really bad. 😀 We had thunder sleet and snow on the 15th. Never experienced that before. :Linda – really really missing mountains

    • It is Hallett’s but not in the actual Bear Lake parking lot, just in the area of. They have actually done a lot of construction in the park and the road to Bear Lake was closed to cars for quite a while late summer and autumn.


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