super weekend?







Super applied to the entire weekend might be a stretch but the game was fun to watch and no, I did not think the halftime show was too risqué; I may not be able to ever eat pistachios again however!

I didn’t work nearly as much as I should have this weekend. I went out on an errand and was stricken by a sudden and horrible sore throat. I actually took a nap this weekend, I take about 2 naps a year so I really wasn’t my usual self. Still feeling a bit out of sorts today.

I never did start a new stitching project and now I think when I do it will be LHN’s Needlework School – it’s darling. I also hoped to get two knitting projects finished with some yarn I bought in January. I did finish the cowl, but not the mitts. Jane ATE my knitting needle – seriously! I had recently ordered another set of these (size 1 rosewood dpns) thankfully, but they won’t be here for another few days. I also quickly knitted up a little bootie for one of the kitchen chairs that has started to scratch the floor.

A few other small accomplishments – some cutting, pressing, and kitting. I also ran a little Super Bowl-ish sale at the webshop. I’ve left the page open and will for the rest of the week, just for fun.


One thought on “super weekend?

  1. I’ve always liked that School of Needlework chart. I should get it soon! And I love that yarn you bought! And the cowl pattern is pretty. But I don’t know if I could handle it being so much around my neck – I would feel strangled – LOL!

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