weekend report





A fairly quiet weekend here, just puttering around the house. I did a little ~

Sewing – Impie, Hattie & Bea products, watch for some style change news later this week.

Stitching – A little progress on LHN’s Needlework School, I’m reminded as I stitch this that I once visited Betsy Ross’ teeny little house in Philadelphia when I was a child. My strongest memory is of a very narrow, very steep staircase.

Knitting – I finished one knitted gift and mailed it and started another with this pretty cotton.

Cooking – I baked an Apple Crisp and tried this new dish out on the family – both pretty darn yummy.

Today I’m plagued by allergies, nursing a sore knee (I fell UP the porch steps), and still sewing more Impie, Hattie & Bea things.


9 thoughts on “weekend report

  1. So sorry to hers of your fall UP the stairs, but I have to say that is usually what I do! I have a large, beautiful bruise from a fall up the stairs a week ago!

  2. What a cute sampler! I remember that house too, and it was pretty claustrophobic! What is the name of the cotton yarn? It looks perfect for a spring baby sweater!

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