Marking Pin Notebook





These will be available at Hoffmans and I’m happy to announce that the Love Letters Pocket will be as well. Hopefully you will see them on this Friday’s update. This is a sweet little stitching helper called the Marking Pin Notebook. It can be used alone or as a companion piece to the Winter Thread Pal. I’ve chosen just a teeny bit of Little House Needleworks Winter Wonderland to stitch for this and I may stitch up another bit so that I can embellish the front and inside cover. The Frosty set of Just Pins from JABCO go perfect with this and can be very useful for counting and marking while cross stitching.

I’ve updated the webshop with these, they are available alone or with the the pins.

I hope you had a chance to stop by and see some of the Impie, Hattie & Bea models at Market, if not, here is what you missed.



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