a purple cloud






That’s what Ethan calls my new scarf.

Although I’m blogging about a scarf it’s only because I can’t quite show you what I’ve been stitching yet. I have something new in the works from Impie, Hattie & Bea and yes there is some purple involved. I’m hoping all the elements for this project will come together the way I imagine it and that I will have something to share with you for Spring – quite soon.

In the meantime, this is my new purple scarf. I used 1 skein of this yarn and cast on 25 stiches using size 10.5 needles. Knit every row and when the skein almost gone cast off. Simple and quick.

We have a new Winter storm rolling in today, I will probably be able to make good use of the scarf shortly.


3 thoughts on “a purple cloud

  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the yarn link and the directions for the scarf. I’ve mastered knitting dishcloths, so I think this project would be a good next step.

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