hello Monday






I spent a lot of time yesterday getting things prepped for a very productive day today. Mondays just never go how I plan them. I did get some things done, not things on my official ‘to do’ list but useful things nonetheless.

I have actually done a bit of personal stitching too that will be something worth showing soon. I’m putting together some threads to make kits for that project and I’m also giving some serious thought to seeing Raspberry Patch from Country Cottage Needleworks on my kitchen wall soon!

I’m waiting on several shipments of inventory just now, some I expected Saturday, some today, tomorrow I expect heaps of mail since I’m still waiting! I did get some yarn to match Yzma’s eyes in the mail today which was nice, I wasn’t really trying to match her eyes…it just happens to.

Hope your week is spectacular!


PS – the finished, framed, ‘busy’ cross-stitch shown is a kit from Shepherd’s Bush, it also comes with a little hat for the sheep but I liked it better without.

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