learning something new






I’ve always enjoyed doing crafts, following a pattern and getting a desired result, art is a whole different story. I’ve never had the patience to learn to draw or paint and it always seemed so messy. Paint by number is more my style. Dip your brush in pot 27 and fill in the this little outlined area…..

For a while now I’ve been wanting to change that. I bought a tiny set of watercolors and have been playing around a bit. Actually I’ve tried them twice. I made a little color reference card and tried the step-be-step project that was included with the paints.

I enjoyed it but don’t feel like I have any idea how to proceed. I’m too used to ‘follow the directions’ and there you go, this is a little too uncertain where results are concerned. I’m a little too afraid of wasting paper and paint and TIME!

I think I will keep going, a trip to the library for some books is my next step.

I did have fun.


11 thoughts on “learning something new

  1. Love what you did. You should do well with little instruction. Where did you buy the watercolors? I have never saw them sold like that, each seporate color. I also live in the same area as you and enjoy the changeing colors from hour to hour. What a beautiful State we live in.

  2. I think you did really well for your first try! And you are tempting me to try this also! I might order this set the next time I order from Amazon. Was it really originally over a $1,000?!!!

    Linda in VA

    • Thank you! I can’t imagine where that list price came from. I actually bought my set from a seller through Amazon and with shipping it was a few dollars less than Amazon’s price but I think I got their last one.

  3. I’ve always wanted to do this myself….I’ve looked into local “learn to paint” classes at our Arts Center…and through our city programs, but haven’t gotten one to fit in my schedule. For never doing it before…your outcome is awesome!

    • Thank you Vonna! The instructions with the paint for this little project were very clear as far as telling me what to paint first and what paints to blend. I want to learn more but hesitate at committing myself to taking classes. Not sure how much time I have for this. There are some good ‘how to’ videos on You Tube, that’s where I learned to knit too. :0)

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