week past







Last week seemed to fly. Jerry went out of town last Sunday for work, that trip lasted longer than expected so we are really glad he’s home. I’ve had computer troubles and spent lots of time on the phone with Ben and Matt (tech support) trying to get it sorted. All better now. Add to all that kid’s activities and 10+ hours a day in the sewing room and there isn’t much time left over for being crafty!

We did dye eggs for Easter which are still looking pretty. I baked some chocolate cupcakes and wanted to do a pretty blue icing. My sky blue color has gotten very gummy so it wasn’t easy to work with, time to get some fresh colors I think. I also cooked up one of our new favorite dinner dishes, I first blogged about it here.

Some teeny tiny progress on my own Traveling Stitcher from Little House and a bit of knitting in the car while waiting for kids. I’m using 2 skiens of this yarn (in Eucalyptus) and this pattern to make a summery wrap, not quite half way yet!


2 thoughts on “week past

  1. MK – I’ve been using this same pattern for a lot of scarves! It looks nice in so many various types of yarns. I have thought about doing a shawl in it, but so far, haven’t… But I am working on a cowl using this pattern…..

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