So glad it’s Friday!






Jerry will be home after another week out of town! I realize everyday how much more I can accomplish when he is home and how much I take that for granted. I still hope to get that knitting pattern posted though, the week’s not over yet!

I did bake a few things and see a pretty bird and pull together some books I hope to read by the end of summer even though I’m pretty sure I’m not being realistic here. There are a few more Christie books I’m saving up for and I also want to read this as soon as it’s available.

Here is the muffin recipe – it’s pretty good, I think if I make these again I would make them mini muffins to increase the glaze:muffin ratio. The cookies are divine! I think I might try a batch with chocolate or butterscotch chips in them or both!

This sweet bird and Ophelia were having a chat at the window today so I ran outside and took a few pictures.

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “So glad it’s Friday!

  1. Hello, I’m a fan how can you sew, embroider, cook, and read as much? You must have a magic or secret you! So many beautiful things, your life is perfect, plus you live in a paradise what luck!

  2. That’s a pretty nice stack of books! I highly recommend The Distant Hours. Kate Morton’s writing style is my favorite and her settings and time periods are my favorite. Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie is another favorite; enjoyable summer read! Love, love that series of books!!!

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