Rocky Mountain Wednesdays








I’m not sure where this past week has gone, it was a crazy week I do know that. I hope everyone who celebrates Mother’s Day had a good one. I enjoyed a very nice day but we’ve been quite worried about a mom in our family who’s been in the hospital and that was on all our minds.

These photos are from a drive we took on Mother’s Day. We traveled up above Boulder. You can just see the twisty road we took at the bottom right, above the stadium, in the second photo. You can get a glimpse of Denver from up here too – see the second to last photo and the last in which I’ve ‘zoomed’ in on Denver from the same spot.

More next Wednesday and hopefully a few more posts between.


2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. hello, your photos are beautiful, thank you for my order that I received, everything is wonderful, thank you also for reimbursement of postage, I quickly want to embroider the small pillow with the bird, still thank you very much

  2. Those are such gorgeous pictures! Of course, we had a spectacular Mother’s Day here in Colorado – pictures like yours remind me why I love living here (not that I forget very often!!!!). Thank you for sharing them.

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