green Saturday







The sound of the burner on this balloon woke us up today. You can see it was a great day to get out and plant things. I quick run to the farmer’s market for a few herbs, which smelt heavenly to Jane and another run the the green house for tomatoes and a few flowers (the flowers are for another post) and I had plenty to plant.

I also planted some seeds – oregano (in the pot with the small rosemary & mint), summer squash, and zucchini. I planted lettuce earlier in the week and the cucumbers are coming up nicely along with a few other herbs I started from seed.

The snowball bush belongs to my neighbor – it’s beautiful and this raspberry lemonade was delicious and just what I needed when I finished up outside.

Three items are left on my list of things I’d like to grow this summer, thyme – I’m not sure which variety, sage, and flax for the pretty blue flowers. I think I may buy some daisies too, just because.


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