my favorite scarf too







I’ve been wanting to knit this for quite a while. I finally saved up enough pennies to get a skein of this super yummy yarn. I love the color changes and the pretty combinations of colors as you knit each row. This project is hard to put down.

I was knitting it while I had breakfast on the back deck this morning and you can see what a gorgeous morning it was.

Happy Monday!


PS – the lilacs were a lovely surprise from Jerry who picked them on a country road for me.

PPS – I’m skipping the ‘dividing your skein into 2 equal parts’ bit in the pattern.

9 thoughts on “my favorite scarf too

    • That is “yummy” yarn. And the georgous lilacs, and I can almost smell them. A cousin in Wy sent me a shoe box full one year a long time ago, but when they got here all the petals had fallen to the bottom. But what a lovely thought for her to do that.

  1. That is a beautiful scarf…where can one find the pattern…it seems to resemble a knitted ripple afghan…I like the yarn also…I do love to use verigated yarn as it just adds more to the pattern I think…(Thank You Beulah for sharing so I could see the scarf…
    our lilacs are just now blooming…we have had a very late spring here…

  2. Found it…now going to find some yarn in my stash to try it. Thank you you for getting back to me…I am currently working on a side to side kimono style sweater as well as a knitted hoodie for my nephew…

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