a bit of baking







I’ve tested these two recipes a few times lately. They are both very good. We all have pink fingertips from not being patient enough to wait for things to cool first.

Hot Buttered Fluffy Pretzels

Miracle Bread

For both of these they work best when I put the hot water, sugar and yeast in the mixing bowl first, then add the flour and other ingredients and lightly mix with a wooden spoon before I put the mixing bowl in the mixer stand and then mix using the dough hook for the FULL 5 minutes. It really makes a difference in the texture I think.

For one batch of pretzels I skipped the soda water step and coated them with cinnamon and sugar after dipping them in butter after they were baked. We love them both ways. I think the boys would be happy if I made these daily.

The bread has a wonderful texture, I mixed one loaf with the leftover cinnamon and sugar mixture from my pretzel endeavors, that was very good too. These each only take about 1 hour to make from start to finish – perfect!


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