at the weekend






FIRST – let me say my computer monitor died and I felt like crying….I’m using something quite old and the colors are bad so I have no idea what these pictures REALLY look like, hopefully they are better than I think :0)

Tyler helped me come up with a way to make a feeder out this backyard torch pole. I couldn’t find a dish that fit so I ended up decorating a tuna can and gluing it to the bottom of a saucer that perches on top. Waiting to see how it holds up to traffic. While I was at it I made a little bird bath as well. No one has stopped by for a dip so far.

Jerry and I spent about an hour at the Estes Park Wool Market yesterday, just enough time to see the animals, pick up a bit of yarn, and enjoy some time together in the mountains before he headed off for his 6th week of out of town work. I’ll blog more about the wool and the mountains soon. We also had a family dinner last night with all the kids and the bonus of Amber’s boyfriend. I made PW’s Mocha Brownies for dessert – WOW! I will be making these again.

The clematis are getting ready to bloom, it’s like a jungle vine on the porch just now, there should be lots of flowers to enjoy. I’ll be dropping off Kellen for a week of Summer camp with the church youth group shortly. This should be a nice quiet week, in theory.



PS –

Thought I’d introduce you to the rascal who likes to gorge himself on the feeder and then lounge on the porch rail (just to torment the cats) – I was knitting on the porch nearby as he did this yesterday.

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4 thoughts on “at the weekend

  1. mmmmm, could just eat that piece of cake right now. I also have a squirrel that comes along at 5.45am every morning to take nuts from the feeder.

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