my own cottage







While enjoying some time in the back yard yesterday I decided the bushes needed my serious attention. As soon and I parked the mom taxi from my morning run I geared up for some much needed garden work.

I was joined by two bunnies who made me just a bit nervous with their friendliness but were fun to watch all the same. That they loved what was going on was very obvious. One was a bit more shy but they both had a good time. While I was out in my stitching chair this evening they were coming and going under the fence, much like Peter in Mr. McGregor’s garden.

This all made me think of my Peter Rabbit stitching of course, and that I’d like to do more…..(I have 3 of these books in stock)

I’ve updated the website with the Cottage Thread Pal ! You have all been so sweet with your compliments over this one. It’s a lovely design to work with.


PS – unlike Mr. McGregor who probably had nice protective calluses from gardening, I gave myself a blister on my hand while working in the garden, even with gloves on!


2 thoughts on “my own cottage

  1. Bunnies are cute. The one in the first picture looks like he is doing “see no evil” – LOL! We had a bunny in our back yard last night….

    Linda in VA

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