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I recently made a few things for my daughter.

I knitted her a scarf, this became hers by default. I bought some yarn online and was unhappy with the color, green is a tricky color I think. I dyed that yarn and really liked the color but it just wasn’t ‘me’ so I knitted it up for Amber. I used this yarn (dyed in RIT Royal Blue) and this pattern. I will probably use this same yarn, in a different color, to knit this again for myself, I really liked the pattern.

I also made both of us a padded camera strap. I used this pattern as a guideline but sort of did my own thing, that’s my new camera! Amber’s strap is the tourquise batik, although I gave it to her while we were out shopping the other day, it’s still riding around in my car….maybe she doesn’t like it?

I gifted her a jar of raspberry peach jam I made also, I did NOT give her some of the quiche I made the other night. Kellen wants to know when I can make more.


PS – I don’t really have a quiche recipe, this one has bacon, mushroom, chives, and 2 cheeses (with 7 eggs and about 1.5 cups of half n half). The crust recipe is on my ‘food’ page.

3 thoughts on “for that girl

  1. I like that scarf pattern also. Thanks for remind me about it! And may I take the time to say you are one of the most creative (think out of the box) people I know!

    Linda in VA

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